You can count on our objective appraisals

Before selling previously worn jewellery, you should collect as much information as you can about the price and market potential of your particular piece. In the case of a division of an estate or a gift, an objective jewellery appraisal is also helpful as a second opinion. With us you can have your individual pieces of jewellery, cut gems and watches appraised according to strict criteria.

These evaluations will be delivered to you in the form of a bound document containing information on caratage, quality characteristics and estimated price. In order to do this, two of our certified gemmologists (FGA, GG, FEEG) will examine your piece independently of one another. You can find out more about the value of evaluations in our dictionary.

Unique Art Deco clothing clip/brooch with 15 ct of diamonds, EDIGEM

We apply strict standards when appraising your piece

  • We appraise only those objects that we can examine in person.
  • Your piece is safe and insured as long as it is in our care.
  • We use Sarin technology for measuring loose diamonds.
  • Our conclusions are based on trading information, industry fairs, auctions and current supply and demand trends.
  • Unless otherwise noted, our appraisal is based on the current value in the Swiss market.
  • Our evaluation dossier includes the applicable precious metal and foreign exchange rates. It can be made available in German, French, Italian or English.
  • Edigem is a member of the Swiss Gemmological Society.
  • Our evaluations include gemmological preliminary assessments. If you wish to obtain a comprehensive scientific report, we would be pleased to commission one from a reputable gemmological laboratory.

Corroborate our appraisal with a second opinion

If you so wish, we can order a scientific assessment from a renowned gemmology lab (Gübelin Gemmological Laboratory, GIA Gemmological Institute of America, SSEF: Swiss Institute for Gem Research). Each report provides information on the identity, authenticity and – if possible – the place of origin of your piece, because these are decisive factors in the value of the piece.

Find out more about the value of evaluations

Insurance value

The price you would have to pay for a comparable piece at a retail jewelers at prevailing market prices. It is also known as the replacement or reproduction value.

Estate value

This is the estimated value that you can expect to receive through a voluntary sale over a certain time span. The estate value reflects a fair price among family members.

Liquidation value

This generally represents the value of the materials of your piece and reflects the price that you could receive if you sold immediately.

Commercial value

This is the current price in the market assuming you have several weeks or months to sell your piece. It reflects the value of the materials plus a mark-up taking into account the current prospects for sale of the particular object.

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