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There are many good reasons to sell a piece of jewellery or a gemstone. And there are just as many factors that you should take into consideration when doing so. Most of all: you should be able to count on the opinion and discretion of your counterparty. In addition, the purchase offer should fairly reflect the value and market potential of your piece. And finally, the sale should proceed quickly without complications.

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Our team comprises experts in the field of gemmology and other related specialist fields. They include valuators, coloured gem experts, jewellery experts, trade fair professionals and diamond experts. They all use very modern evaluation and analysis methods and are ready and available to support you with their know-how. In addition, for selected pieces and for second opinions, we apply to reputable gemmological laboratories.

Turn a good opportunity into cash

You have inherited a piece of jewellery and would prefer to realise its cash value. Whether it is a ring, pendant, necklace, bracelet, brooch, hair clip, tiara, watch or loose, polished gem: We would be happy to offer you an initial consultation in which our main focus will be on the quality of your valuable piece. Our offer will be based on our assessment of its value and market potential.

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Advice for professionals from experts

Is selling jewellery your profession? Or perhaps you are liquidating an insolvency or an estate, selling off bankruptcy assets or require an objective second opinion on an appraisal? In such cases it is important to have good contact with an antique jewellery partner who can competently assist you in your undertaking.

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As an internationally recognised company, Edigem regularly attends major trade fairs all over the world. If you would like to meet and discuss your needs with us in person, then we invite you to make an advance appointment.

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Discuss your needs with one of our experts. Please phone to make an appointment:

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Here you can send us a digital photo of your piece along with a description and receive an initial assessment.

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Let us know what you have in mind via an e-mail. Important: we need your contact information so we can get back to you as quickly as possible.