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EDIGEM is your reliable partner for all your jewellery and gem needs. For over 35 years, your wishes and plans have been at the heart of everything we do. Antique or new jewellery, a ring, a necklace, a bracelet or loose gemstones – no matter what you wish to buy, sell or have appraised, our experts will guide you through the process clearly and professionally. Give us your trust and register now for a no-obligation initial consultation.

– Selling jewellery –

Selling your jewellery is a matter of trust

Our team of experts will be happy to make you a free purchase offer for your jewellery that reflects the market value of the material and the craftsmanship of your valuable piece. Then it is up to you to decide whether you would prefer to realise its cash value.

– Jewellery appraisals –

Find out the value of your gems

Before insuring or selling previously worn jewellery, you should collect as much information as possible about the price and market potential of your particular piece. In the case of a division of an estate or a gift, an objective jewellery appraisal can also provide a valuable second opinion. With us, you can have your entire collections, individual pieces, watches or loose gems appraised according to strict international criteria.

– Buying jewellery –

Trust the experts when buying

Thanks to our trained eye and attention to detail, we can just as easily help you search for stunning gemstones as for timeless antique or period jewellery. And being an independent subsidiary of the Gübelin Group means you get to profit from our family tradition and extensive experience.

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Today we want to share this delicate #bangle from the Victorian period, which was manufactured in about 1880. Old cut #diamonds, totalling about 3.10 ct., adorn this masterfully crafted piece of #jewellery. More desirable jewels can be found under the link in bio. #TimelessJewellery #Edigem #Diamond #DiamondJewellery #ArtDeco #ArtDecoJewellery #AntiqueJewellery #AntiqueJewelry #AntiqueJewels #PeriodJewellery #Jewels #Jewelry #JewelryOfInstagram #JewelryOfTheDay
This divine white #gold #ring is set with a stunning black #opal from Australia of approx. 2.50 ct. The charming centre stone is embraced by a double entourage of scintillating marquise and brilliant cut #diamonds. A perfect harmony of timeless elegance and an exciting, mesmerizing play of colours. Discover more desirable pieces under the link in bio. #TimelessJewellery #Edigem #Diamond #DiamondJewellery #ArtDeco #ArtDecoJewellery #AntiqueJewellery #AntiqueJewelry #AntiqueJewels #PeriodJewellery #Jewels #Jewelry #JewelryOfInstagram #JewelryOfTheDay
Created with much appreciation for the impeccable, this stunning #tiara from a noble Dutch family is a timeless and esteemed treasure. This beautiful #silver and #gold #jewel, approximately crafted in the 1880s, is set with graceful #diamonds and can be transformed into an elegant #collier.
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