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You can count on our objective appraisals

Before insuring or selling previously worn jewellery, you should collect as much information as possible about the price and market potential of your particular piece. In the case of a division of an estate or a gift, an objective jewellery appraisal can also provide a valuable second opinion. With us, you can have your entire collections, individual pieces, watches or loose gems appraised according to strict international criteria. These evaluations will be delivered to you in the form of a bound document containing detailed information such as the weight, quality characteristics and estimated price. In order to do this, two of our certified gemmologists (FGA, GG, FEEG) will examine your piece independently of one another.

– Our appraisal criteria –

Our appraisals are based purely on objective criteria and the strictest gemmological standards. Below you will find a summary of our key appraisal criteria:


We appraise only those pieces that we can examine in person. We do not carry out appraisals based solely on a description or photos.

Evaluation dossier

Our evaluation dossier contains the applicable precious metal and foreign exchange rates. It is available in German, French, Italian or English.

Mounted gems

We provide as precise an estimation as possible of the weight, purity, colour and mass of mounted gems. Estimations are specified as such.

Loose diamonds

We use modern Sarin technology for measuring loose Diamonds.

Gemmological reports

Our evaluations include preliminary gemmological assessments. If you wish to obtain a comprehensive scientific report, we would be pleased to commission one from a reputable gemmological laboratory.


Our conclusions are based on information gleaned from retailers, industry fairs and auctions. We also observe current supply and demand trends. Unless stated otherwise, our appraisal is based on the current value on the European market.

– Dictionary –

Not all values are valued equally. The following parameters are the industry Standard:

Insurance value

Also known as the replacement or restoration value, this is the price you would have to pay at a jeweller’s for the same piece or a comparable Piece.

Inheritance value

This is the estimated value that you can expect to receive through a voluntary sale within a certain time span. It is often equivalent to the material value plus the difference in amount from the current market potential of the Piece.

Commercial value

This is the current mid-range retail price, assuming you have several months to sell your jewel. It reflects the material value plus a mark-up in line with the current market potential.

Liquidation value

Purely the material value of your piece; it reflects the price that you could receive if you sold immediately.


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