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Sell your jewellery to a reputable buyer

If you are looking to sell your precious jewellery or gems to a reputable buyer, our proven experts in Lucerne and Zurich can offer you discreet and simple advice specifically tailored to your individual needs. We will be happy to provide you with a clear and independent appraisal and, if desired, make you a purchase offer that fairly reflects the market value of your piece. Our global network of qualified gemmologists ensures your jewels, gems and trust are best placed.

– Selling jewellery –

Trust in proven experts

If you would like expert advice on selling your jewellery or gems, we are happy to assist you. Once our experts have appraised your pieces, we will gladly make you a free purchase offer.

Inheriting and selling jewellery

You have inherited a piece of jewellery or a gem and would prefer to realise its cash value? We are there to help you sell your inherited piece or advise you in the case of a division of an estate. Our offer will be based on our assessment of its value and market potential, while our main focus will always be on the quality and uniqueness of your valuable piece.

Expert advice for professionals

Do you come into contact with jewellery and gemstones through your profession? Or perhaps you are a trustee, liquidating an insolvency or an estate, refurbishing or selling off bankruptcy assets or require an objective second opinion on an appraisal. In such cases it is important to have good contact with your appraiser and business partner, who can expertly assist you in your undertaking. The EDIGEM team brings together proven experts in diamonds, coloured gemstones, trade fairs and jewellery, for example, to assist you with the latest analysis and evaluation methods.

Selling jewellery through auction houses

Unlike when selling through auction houses, EDIGEM provides you with a free and binding offer for your jewellery or gem within a short period of time. This means no more waiting for the next auction date or having to work with estimated prices. We arrange for your piece to be bought directly, at no additional cost. We send you the money for the goods sold within a few days or – depending on the amount – give it to you in person in cash.

– Process –

Contact us

Contact us by phone or email to discuss your needs with one of our experts. We will call you back as soon as possible to discuss your matter.


Send us a photo of your piece

If possible, please send us an electronic photo and a suitable description of your Piece.


Let’s meet

Bring or send us your jewellery so that we can examine it thoroughly. Being a member of the Gübelin Group means we also have collection points in various cities around Switzerland. In the case of larger orders, we can also visit you if desired.


We’ll make you an offer

We will judge the value of your piece and make you a purchase offer.


You decide

If you wish to accept our offer, simply confirm it with your signature. Then bring us your piece if we are not already holding it for you.


We’ll pay you

We will send the money for the goods sold by bank transfer within two weeks or – depending on the amount – give it to you in person in cash.

- Contact -
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